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TO DANSugaLipz2_06_03668111/02/2007 11:02 PM
Soul II soul 'Keep on Movin"kduane444010/31/2007 10:52 AM
ANYBODY KNOW THIS SONG OR GROUP?kduane813110/31/2007 10:48 AM
Need help finding a big mike songtru7266456010/12/2007 09:08 PM
Channel 2Havethetime554110/08/2007 11:26 AM
80's rap song: hey, hey, hey ya! hey, hey, hey, hey-yadevastatin597010/03/2007 08:39 PM
there was a song in 1981-1982 where this guy was saying:devastatin1300310/02/2007 09:39 PM
Can someone help me figure out this song?buzz773110/02/2007 08:36 PM
Frvsens, new albumajt513010/02/2007 06:20 PM
i need to know what this song is !!!!!!!!!!!Britney458010/02/2007 12:09 AM
1981-1982 again! (lol)........ yeah, they had some jams that year!devastatin824109/30/2007 11:17 PM
late 70's song with lyrics: pop, pop, pop, pop, pop on a thang!devastatin541009/30/2007 10:40 PM
MINT CONDIDTION'S PRETTY BROWN EYES REMIXmusic4life32172409/30/2007 07:41 AM
EARLY 2000'S RnB SONGpoetrynmotion6696009/27/2007 07:04 PM
Old school song (1990's) neep help!!!!! do not know title/artsistarem3192117109/21/2007 07:48 PM
early to mid 90's rap/hip hop party/club search (I am the only one to have yolnda871056809/21/2007 09:48 AM
Pink Floyd Rap RemixAtrophy474009/17/2007 05:14 AM
1982 SONG, KID'S TALKIN' ABOUT HANGIN' OUT AT THE MALLdevastatin888109/14/2007 10:11 PM
Help Againdjkooljb562009/14/2007 07:07 PM
Help Medjkooljb551009/14/2007 07:01 PM
Cisco (The Wine)amberdean894009/13/2007 10:53 PM
Searching for late 80's Kiis fm radio mastermixesJim Willy951209/12/2007 08:04 AM
old school people please helpj-boy549009/10/2007 05:30 AM
Need help with a songthisonegirl714209/09/2007 06:28 PM
Wrecks n effectsSugaLipz2_06_03617008/29/2007 04:40 PM

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