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90's rap song "FREE" need to know the name of artist and songgiveituptommy1388106/29/2006 10:35 PM
90's R&B song...i NEEEED 2 know who it is or at least the namejeluzoneznv593006/29/2006 05:09 PM
Looking for artist and title from the 90's (I think)zebraboy6671006/17/2006 04:01 PM
Who were the females that sung the same song as shai's if i ever fall?blksuperman573006/08/2006 05:34 AM
who sing this songshiia707306/04/2006 08:55 PM
What's the name of this song/artist?!?!??! - Late 90'sdj_tanner1094205/25/2006 08:48 PM
artist of 1990's r & b song by a female singerpoppy31763305/16/2006 12:11 PM
need a name of song and artistTommyg1006405/05/2006 04:27 PM
female girl groupchas7651051204/26/2006 04:23 PM
female r&b groupLaDe3_MaKaVeLii1218204/14/2006 02:38 PM
90's Rap Tune By a Rare Female RapperMusic Junkie5768604/11/2006 08:46 AM
need song title/artistree2727662004/08/2006 05:57 PM
Old Rap - Name of artistMistere1617204/05/2006 01:07 AM
what is the name of the song and artist that Missy samples in the video "I'da_truth55801103/22/2006 09:24 PM
who made thisTrixxy Milo1140303/20/2006 10:38 PM
Wasn't there a reggae artist named Shawnee Ranks?jdub1019203/20/2006 06:56 PM
who do you think is sexy!lyra751102/11/2006 06:03 PM
whos the artist?? "push the button"JtotheA684102/10/2006 05:35 PM
Who did MASTER P sample in STOP HATIN'UCDLeo999102/10/2006 04:57 PM
Who could it be ?T de Jong584002/07/2006 11:15 AM
whos the artist?? "push the button"JtotheA1404102/03/2006 02:54 AM
Name the song and artistAlgeneta752102/02/2006 06:16 AM
Looking for obscure artistmochalolvle966101/28/2006 02:58 PM
Who sing and the name of SongAlgeneta1310301/15/2006 09:57 AM
need the group and name please (TOUGH ONE)Bottom Bill821101/07/2006 05:29 PM

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