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Posted: 08/10/10 08:38 AM
Author: pleasehelpme!
Location: Canada
Posts: 1


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Best of me?...
I need help finding a song. I can remember most of the lyrics but I can't find info on the song or the artists for the life of me. If you know it, even just who sings it, that would forever help ease my mind...

When I met you you were chillin in the back of the club
You didn't show me love you probably though I'was a thug
(That's the brakes)
You whispered to your girl and then she told you my name
It's kinda funny now your personality's changed
It's like, you didn't know the brotha, now you know the brotha
(That's the brakes)

... (Then a the male lead and a female back-up exchange some verses)

I pulled you weave out the first night I met you,
I flexed you, sexed you ...

... (Then the chorus goes something like...)

You've got the best of me
something something something
cause you'll always be my baby
cause you made me
I know you turn me on when I'm turnin you out?

UGH ... so yeah, any help is much appreciated...

Aaron From OHWC
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