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Posted: 07/03/10 03:50 AM
Author: ggmusic
Location: texas
Posts: 1


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early 90's video???
I have an old video in my head that I cant remember details for the life of me. It was early 90's and can't even rember if is hip hop or r&b. Sorry. All I can remember is that it is a guy in a convertible car with no shirt cruising and either rapping or singing. I thought it was an early Usher but searched and did find it.

I think it was a city or ally area. I remember the song played alot on BET Really can't be too important if I cant remember details LOL but it bugs me that i don't know it. I am usually pretty good with music. It is the same time frame of when Domino's ghetto jam was out if that helps. Sorry so vague and little detail.

Aaron From OHWC
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