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Posted: 06/05/09 09:55 AM
Author: jap_2609
Location: Australia
Posts: 1


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An R&B/Rap song about the weekend?
Hello , ive been looking for a song for a long time , itz an r&b song about the weekend, with rap verses in it i remember the first line of the first verse is 'now hold up' and the rapper sounds like WC from westside connection (although its not him) ,at first i thought it could be blackstreet or ginuwine,im not even sure if the person singing the chorus is a man or a woman,and the beat has a piano beat to it, part of the chorus goes 'at the end of the week , ill be all you need' , and then it repeats 'the weekend' , or somethin like that,im sure its from the 80's or 90's and its definately r&b with rap,any help would be appreciated , thankz :)

p.s it is not the song by erick sermon or the song by alfonzo hunter.

Posted: 06/21/10 03:47 PM
Author: teoman
Location: Germany
Posts: 1


An R&B/Rap song about the weekend?
I?ve heard this song about 15 years ago. Do you find the name of the song ?

Aaron From OHWC
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