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Posted: 11/18/06 07:30 PM
Author: Bki1968
Location: USA
Posts: 2


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80''s Rap Related To Popeye
Looking For the name of song I
Haven't heard since the 80"s

I Believe The Lyrics could have gone like this

Bubba bubba bubba well blow me down
You can't stop rockin to the funky sound
Step off oyle while I get finished
as I chillout on a can of Spinach!!!!

It was a really silly song
and there might have been scratching in it

Hopefully Someone can figure Out who It is or what It was Called

I Haven't A Clue!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Bill

also a rap by sparky D where she says

A is for awesome B's for bust this
C for crappy females who's jealous of this

Don't know the name of that one either

Aaron From OHWC
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