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Posted: 09/03/06 04:32 PM
Author: Ange_bleu84
Location: Canada
Posts: 1


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You light my fire
Hi I heard this song in a club a week ago. I was hoping you could help me find the artist. It's a female and the chorus is : Ooh boy you light my fire Ah... (can't remember all the lyrics). I also know that in the middle of the song we hear a male artist sing. he saying something like move your body. It sounds like an hip hop kinda pop song (you know like rihanna, pussycat dolls and things like that)

If you could help me, I would really appreciate it!
Thanx a lot

Posted: 09/27/06 06:13 PM
Author: Marlianna
Location: South Carolina
Posts: 2


You light my fire
Could it be Nelly-Come Here Boy?

I see you over there
I try no to stare
Oh boy I can't resist you
Oh boy there's something 'bout you

Come here boy
And light my fire
Come here and be my desire
Oh boy you look so sexy
Oh boy just come and get me

You say u wanna dance with me
You say you wanna move with me
Come on lets hit the floor
Come on I'm loosing control


Ooh ahh light my fire
Ooh aah be my desire
Ooh aah you look so sexy
Ooh aah come and get me
Posted: 10/13/06 09:19 PM
Author: katie
Location: earth
Posts: 1


You light my fire
its called little games by addictiv feat. pitbull

Aaron From OHWC
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