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Posted: 10/27/05 04:33 PM
Author: BrownSugaBabee
Location: Baltimore
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Crazy by ???
I used to LOVE this video but I can't find the song or anything..I think that the name of the group is The Boyz...I know the lyrics but if someone could help me cop a copy of the song or video, I would most grateful: I've been sittin' here tryin' to figure out how she does it me/I don't understand how she takes a man and changes his personality/She rocks it to the East/She rocks it to the West/I need some time 'cause my head such a mess...Chorus: You got me goin' crazy, crazy, crazy, etc...Cute little video. Young kids doing parodies of other videos like Madonna's Vogue, Bobby Brown's Every Little Step and Michael Jackson's Bad...

Posted: 10/28/05 01:47 PM
Author: Vic Ferri
Location: Canada
Posts: 161


Crazy by ???
Yes it's by The Boys.
Here are the full lyrics:

Girl, when you
Gonna dial my heart
Watch out
I've been sitting here
Trying to figure out
How she does it to me

I don't understand how
She takes her man and
Changes his personality

She rocks it to the east
She rocks it to the west
I need some time cause
My head is such a mess

I know she's crazy bout me too
It's ridiculous, baby
I don't know what to do

You've got me going
Crazy, crazy, crazy
You've got me going
Crazy, crazy, baby

Told you bout a
Girl that's so funky
Can't you see
She's got me going
Showing the moves
I've never been shown

She's got us all whipped
Even my little brother
Yo, word to your mother

You know what, when
She's around, I feel shaky
Yo, she got us all going crazy

I'm a different man
Doing the best I can
Keeping my sanity

You know, babe
She knows the way
I feel for her
Word to my mother

She rocks me to the east
She rocks me to the west
Slow down, baby
I got pains in my chest

Don't fight this feeling
You know you want me too
Don't play games with me, baby
I ain't got time to lose, sing


Rocks me out of my mind


Yo, Keem, take it to the bridge

Finally we can walk
We can talk on this bridge
Bridge of love
On this bridge of love
We can work it out

Crazy for your love
Crazy for you
Crazy for your love
Crazy for you

Hoo, I'm crazy
Ho, I'm crazy
Ho, I'm crazy
Crazy, crazy, baby

Going out of my mind

You've got me going crazy
Stop wasting my time
Crazy, crazy
I've been going crazy since
You came in my life

You've got me going crazy
Why can't you see
What you do to me
Crazy, baby
I can't eat, can't sleep
Tell me what could it be

Crazy for your love
Crazy for you

You really got me going

Posted: 09/20/10 11:21 AM
Author: meaganhesham
Location: canada
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Crazy by ???

Aaron From OHWC
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