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Posted: 10/23/05 10:49 PM
Author: missdevin
Location: new zealaand
Posts: 1


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is it 112??
i need help with this song

its like the sound of 112 but like the style of craig david but it is a group and im sure that they are dark not white.

its goes sumtihng like this

would you like to have a drink with me
if you dont mind
can i talk to ya
__________________________ extasy


will you come home with me tonight

thats all i no and its got real up breat and they have turns singing the verses then harmonize the chourus

please please help me

Posted: 07/16/06 04:59 PM
Author: MiiND GaMeZz
Location: Brooklyn USA
Posts: 62


is it 112??
112...jagged edge...guy....blackstreet......there are alot of boy groups. Try one of those.
Posted: 08/27/06 12:21 PM
Author: DansGirl
Location: VA
Posts: 4


is it 112??
This is Craig David, the song is called Spanish. I was looking for a different song and found it so I hope it's the same one you're talking about.

Aaron From OHWC
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