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Posted: 06/28/05 08:11 PM
Author: thetruthbehindhiphop
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Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
Hello Everyone;

I was researching "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" - DVD, from

I watched the DVD. In the DVD, the speaker says that Satan made
Heavy Metal Music so that people would fully embrace him by this
music. But Satan wasn't happy because black people were not into heavy
metal and all the satanic rutuals that's envoled in it. So he had to come up with a music that would reach black folks and spread out to all cultures - black , white, hispanic, asian etc.

The speaker revealed some things that I will list below about hip hop

I double-checked everything he said to make sure it's all true.

I went to a website called http://www.azlyrics.com and did a search
to see what the rappers were really saying about the devil.

Here is the information I learned.

Detail #1: Tupac in his song "Good Life"
Tupac says he sold his soul to the devil.

"I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang
Now tell if I'm wrong
but sayin " the world" got you deeper in my songs
Drinkin 'til I earl, spendin money 'til it's gone
It's the good life - maybe niggaz got it goin on"

"why I should change, into a softie
.. after living so loftily
It cost me my soul out of control in a devil's world"

Source: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/2pac/goodlife.html

Source: "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" DVD - http://www.exministries.com

Detail #2: I researched DMX rap song lyrics.
DMX did a Song with MARILYN . On the cover of his CD, DMX is dripped in with the M of his name conspicuously over his head to make it appear like he has horns out of his head. Your average hip hop listener may have missed this thing with marilyn
manson. So I went to azlyric.com to check out the lyrics on DMX's albums. Here's what I found in 2 songs that DMX did.

In this song, DMX explains that he sold his soul to the devil
and exactly why he did it etc.

"I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap. A yo it's cold on this level cause it's twice as deep. But you don't hear me, ignorance is blisning and so on Sometimes it's better to be taught dumb. Shall I go on. You don't want no real, what the deal is a mystery. How is it I can live and make history If you don't see it then it, wasn't ment for you to see
If you wasn't born wit' it then, it wasn't ment for you to be But you can't blame me for not wantin' to be hound lock down in a cell wit' a soul gettin' dwelled This is hell, go get the devil and get me the key but can't be worst than the curse that was given ta me It's what I live for, you take away that and I'm gone "

Source: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/dmx/letmefly.html

B. FROM THE SONG "THE OMEN" That he did with Marilyn .

If you read the lyrics on www.azlyrics.com, you will
notice that There is a Duet Going on Between DMX and
another person. The person doing the duet with DMX is in the paragraphs below.
Let's see if you can figure out who that being is.

"(You, right here shorty, told you, I got you Like the way I scooped
you, when those fagget niggaz shot you? I'ma hold you down, and I
mean that, for real"

"But everytime you beef with a nigga, I end up havin' to kill"

"(Ain't like that, and hey, forget about them 2 kids
'Bout to do a deal, somethin' nice as you is)"

"Oh you think"

"(Nah, I'm just playin', what's up?
I got some new bitches, I know you tryin' to )"

"Not really "
"Here we go again"

"(After what I just gave you, with you actin' like that when you asked
for that favor)"

"Yo, I ain't ask you for "

"(Oh yes you did, when you really needed something, and you was out,
you did You sold me your soul, )"

That was a duet between DMX and Satan.
And marilyn was singing the words below in the chorus.

"Here we are on our way to hell
We're gonna do it, and we do it well
This is Marilyn , Dmx, Ruff Ryders
[repeats and distorts til end]"
Source: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/dmx/theomen.html

That was supposed to be a duet with the devil. If it
was another rapper doing the part in parentheses , then it would have
said the rapper's name.

Detail #3: Color Me Bad
The Group "Color Me Bad" had a hit single, "I wanna you up". The
Ex-member Kevin, gave his life to christ and admitted that in the
studio the members of Color Me Bad, did a witches spell over the CD so
that they would have a hit record and that hundreds of thousands of
girls would lose their virginity to this song.
Source: "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" DVD http://www.exministries.com

Detail #4: Snoop Dog
In his autobiography "The Doggfather", Snoop Dogg says the devil came
to him to make a deal that he would be rich and famous in exchange for
his soul. Snoop accepted the devil's offer (by his own words) and identifies that the point at which Calvin Broadus dies Snoop Dog was born.

Detail #5: Bone Thugs and Harmony
From the DVD, I learned, Bone Thugs and Harmony had a witchcraft curse at the back of their CD. It's written backwards so once a person recognizes that, they will naturally hold it up to a mirror and try to read it. The speaker on the DVD, researched it and discovered that the witches of salem, would send people a letter written backwards when they wanted to put a curse on someone. The person would hold it up to the mirror and read it backwards.

Detail #6: Ride or Die Music
There's a lot of rap songs out there about 'Ride or Die'
At one of the Presentations made by G. Craig Lewis of www.exministries.com, a 15 year old boy came up to the altar and said he doesn't want to have anything to do with hip hop any more and he wants to give his life to Jesus Christ. He went and got his Sawed off Shot gun and gave it to G. Craig Lewis and said he doesn't know how many people he shot with it. The 15 year old said that normal teenagers cannot kill in cold like that. The way they would do it is to listen to Gangsta Rap music for about 20 minutes then they would get really angry to the point of insanity and then kill people.
Source: "the Truth behind hip hop" DVD

Closing Thoughts:
It turns out Satan was not happy that Heavy Metal was not reaching Black people. So he created that Hip Hop to reach 'brothers' and cross all kinds of ethnic & cultural barriers.
Hip Hop is not 'our' music. It is the devil's music. He wants the people in the club to recognize him and adore him. When people dance to his music and his artist, they are dancing to the
devil's beats, songs and ideals. Gangsta Rap pretty much started with Snoop Dogg who sold his soul to the devil and took off - now everybody is crazy about making hard gangsta beats like Dr. Dre. All the beats in hip hop have to be hard - just the way the devil wants it. You can't put out a album now unless it's gangsta

Gangsta beats put you in that frame of mind to do evil deeds such as, bumpin and grinding in the clubs, drinkin moet and crystal, and having with everyone that passes by. That's the devil's way.

Satan tried to make the same deal with Jesus Christ when Jesus was
tempted in the wilderness. The bible says

Matthew 4:8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high
mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
Matthew 4:9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Matthew 4:10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it
is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve

Do you want to be with hip hop or with God?

Posted: 07/25/05 02:36 PM
Author: 2KnockZ
Location: London
Posts: 5


Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
U brainwashed puppy! Yeh, okay, let's not get it twisted - THERE IS NO SURPRISE THAT SECULAR ARTISTS R IN2 DEVILISH WAYS, for they are o the world meaning not of god so anything they do is obviously devilish. Now, there's no dispute upon the lyrics that you've gathered BUT where it goes wrong are his misquotes of scripture in the dvd, particularly of Satan's nature (ugly, homosexual etc) and of Pharoah and Egypt (God sent them a deliverer because he saw the 'bondage' not because pharoah was proclaiming 2 b god) and various other erroneous facts. His knowledge on 'the history' of hip-hop, its roots and oundations are also incorrect. Hip-hop was ounded by a reggae dj named Kool Herc who, before he imigrated to the states, was involved with a sub-genre of reggae called 'dub' which is basically where someone would get a popular song and 'dub' ie speak over the track with ryhmes. Now, before the Zulu Nation ever emerged, there was an african sub-culture around in the Sates, particularly in the urban areas such as the bronx etc. and when Kool Herc imigrated 2 America, his first revelation was that people wern't diggin his music simply becasue they were not farmiliar with the reggae beat. So what he did was take what the current 'popular' style of that time was, which was a pseudo jazz sound, and put his jamaican 'dub' over those tracks. This new, unheard of style became popular and, along with the invention of breaking, where dj's would break bak to a particular part of a song that people liked, became intertwined with black culture of that time, mainly what was goin on in the ghettos and inner cities. The arican culture has a distinct creative elemnt to it, so those who also did grafiti were also part of this culture as they were around these people and so these elements were and are what is now called the 'elements' of hip-hop.

Now, Afrika Bambata arose a little after Kool Herc, at the time where hip-hop was starting to make a mark in black culture, particularly within the black youths. Afrika was actually part of his own gang called the 'black spades'. his agenda was to go to Arika, to find an answer as to how blacks could ind a way to become a strong power within America and the World, so after coming out of Zulu he then ormed what we know as the Zulu nation. He saw hip-hop as a culture, which indeed it was, and knew by pushing his teachings from Zulu thru hip-hop, that his message would then be widespread thru the black communities. THAT my dear friend is how Satan planned his attack on not just the black community but all. It was already evident that all black genres such as blues, jazz etc were being picked up not only by blacks but also by whites and other cultures. The 'popular' sound of black music has always been prevelent. But hip-hop in particular, becasue of its nature and the way profound messages, just like in poetry, could be put across, was looked upon by the devil and this is when he seized the opportunity to steal his way into hip-hop and the culture.

Another point he rasies in the dvd, about Alicia Keys involvement in the 5% nation o God's on Earth - how is it that a mixed raced woman can have pure ancestral bloodline from the Egyptian Pharoahs? easy answer, she [email protected] and has never stated she is or ever has been a part of them.

Also, he brings about a very profound remark about AFRICANS. I quote 'no one knows how to conjer up like them africans'. Now, if that isn't the most bold, racist, prejudice remark I've ever heard rom the pulpit I dont know hwat is. And what gets me more is - what does he consider himself? Witchcraft and conjuring has been prevelent in the our corners of the world and to make a remark like that is irst o all ignorant and secondly, EXTREMELY RACIST.

Another point i wish to bring up is his statement about the Devil's nature. Now, we all know that Lucifer was once the brightest angel in heaven, he had many functions in heaven aswell as worshipping in music. Now, first of all, when God banished him from heaven he did not say that his beauty, gift in music or anything else would be stripped away, only that he was now exempt rom the presence of the almighty ans sent to an eternal fate in hell. So where is GCL's statement about the devil being 'ugly' rom? This another bit of church jargon and tradition not backed up by scripture. The Devil is a deceiver and will come not as an 'ugly' 'horned' creature but AN ANGEL OF LIGHT! The Bible also does not clearly state the devil has any sexual orientation, only that he will not have the desire for a woman. Jesus also did not have the desire for a woman - do we call him homo-sexual? Now, that is not saying that the devil is not perverse, is behind evrything that goes against the nature of God etc but we have to be very careul about adding what is not clearly stated in the Bible and preaching it like its gospel. Sad thing is, most of you soak up anything that is preached because you are not suficiently equipped with the word of God.

he comments on the title chosen by the famous gospel rap group 'gospel gangstaz' but ailed to even state whether or not he had any kind of consultation with them or not. Anytime you publicly condemn a ministry you are stepping on hot water. First, before making such statements you gotta do what I call the background check. This means, either talk to them, find out what they are relly about, their mission statement, their liestyles, what they have done ministry wise etc. By doing what he did, he has caused damage to a ministry which has helped savce thousands of sould to Christ! If anything, the message in his dvd has a more anti-ministry message then anything else. Infact, the name of his organisation/ 'ministry', the fact that he has no clear link with any church, no background inormation is available on him and various other points lead me to beleive that there is sometghing not right about this.

Holy hip-hop in recent years has taken a strangle hold on Satan's grip in the music world, in bringing back many who were lost to the worldly culture, and the movement has become powerul and dominant. Infact, the messages in most chritian hip-hop is more profound and gives a stronger, non-compromising message then most other genres because hip-hop lends itsel that way. In the 2 world war. poetry was the biggest tool in speaking out against the propaganda pushed by the government and poets were often slung in jail. Similarly, the mix of rythm and poetry is having the same affects, for either positive or negative, only that it seems that the positive messages are now being attacked. The Devil has realised that God's people, the generation of today, have stood ground and decied to take back what is God's, so now he is trying to bring in these religious modern-day-pharisees such as G Craig Lewis and using them to tear down what is a powerful force amongst youths of today. He sees that God is using the 'lowest' of people, the people from 'the streets', the 'ex-gang members' etc to take his message to the poeple they were once associated with and can relate to, and is steadily bring the lost to Christ. So his plan is to crush this by pushing these teachings.

My reply to any1 who has watched this dvd to read what I have just posted and take a minute to reflect on what is relly goin on. Pray that God opens your eyes to the wider picture. I pray that this message doesn't reach so far that more souls will be lost and more backslidin occurs, because that is the effect that such a message will have. In the name of Jesus can this poison be cured before it reaches the whole body and finally kills.

'...the kingdom suffereth violence and the violent taketh by force...'
Posted: 07/25/05 09:10 PM
Author: thetruthbehindhiphop
Posts: 6


Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?

Are you trying to present yourself as a Praying Bible-Believing Christian ---- With this extremely bitter attack on a Christian Move to Warn people on the Influence Rap music ?

It's not going work. I've got your card and I'm reading it. An attack like yours is the most effective way that the devil could attack this move by presenting the opposition as christian - which you're not.

Jesus said in Mark 3:23 - 26
------------------------- bible quote -----------
... Jesus called them and spoke to them in parables: "How can Satan drive out Satan?
If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come


Look at your 2 fascinating parts.

You Start out by Saying

"they are of the world meaning not of god so anything they do is obviously devilish. Now, there's no dispute upon the lyrics that you've gathered "

Then at the end you say

"I pray that this message doesn't reach so far that more souls will be lost and more backslidin occurs, because that is the effect that such a message will have. In the name of Jesus can this poison be cured before it reaches the whole body and finally kills."

Sweet contradiction.

That's how the devil talks.

Step #1: Start out with something TRUE
Step #2: Go through 5 million twists and turns and
Step #3: End with garbage.

As christ said "A house divided against itself cannot stand. "
So we know that we are not from the same HOUSE.

To answer some of your points.

Is debatable by harvard professors? I'm sure it had multiple influential origins. To fight over this point, is wrong in this context. AND A DISTRACTION -- satan specializes in distractions.

Satan is Ugly
Why are you fighting to tell me Satan is not UGLY ? TAKING IT PERSONAL?

He's UGLY. I saw one.
You take anything away from the presence of God entirely and it gets ugly in it's natural form. Of course he can transform himself into anything he wants just go to this website and you'll see how Satan appears all over the world as different person to different people ---


His morality, spiritual, and psychological nature have degraded considerably and in his natural form , he's ugly. I saw one of them. SO that's an Eyewitness Account. And I'm not scared of any devils.

Jesus had no desire for a woman ??
The bible says he was in all points tempted as we are .

Hebrews 4:15
For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are?yet was without sin.

Hebrews 2:17-18
For this reason he had to be made like his brothers in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people. 18Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

G. Craig Lewis was talking about homosexuality.
There is no record of homosexuality on the part of Jesus.
And you try to mix Jesus' name up in all this ?
Keep the Lord out of the points you are trying to make.

Holy Hip Hop?
Rock Music is designed for a specific purpose.

Gene Simmons (from the band kiss) said to a christian worship leader on American Idol 1/25/2005 "i don't think you want to sing pop or rock music. because pop lyrics and rock lyrics is about sex. " and randy chipped in and said "and demons" and gene simmons agreed and said 'and demons'.

THE Hip hop style of music in it's contemporary form is designed for a specific purpose.

How are you going to use something that people are accustomed to grinding with and shaking the booty with - to pull them out of the lifestyle. When they come out of that lifestyle, they don't want something that makes them feel the same way they were when they were in that lifestyle. Is that the kind of VIBE you want to give them and call it HOLY ????


All in all, Satan Attacks Christianity.
Christianity does not attack Christianity.


As I said before Read the Lyrics that these guys are saying.
You'll find that they are saying they "love the devil."
Read Ja Rule's lyrics. Read DMX lyrics, where he says "he's the devil's kid" and he sold his soul to the Devil.
If you fall in love with that music, you are falling down a path that leads into the wrong place.
Posted: 07/26/05 04:50 AM
Author: 2KnockZ
Location: London
Posts: 5


Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
Now look, this is not a bitter attack on a Christian 'movement' - I don't think it is. The very name of the ministry spells out there aint summin right. Now, I have no qualms whatsoever about warning people of the dangers of secular hip-hop - and yes I have heard and read these lyrics and am quite aware that these SECULAR artists are of the devil. Yes, don't listen to them just like you shouldn't listen to any secular music. secular music has one message which is why it is called SECULAR - it isn't of GOd period!

Now you are actually making quite a funny point when bringing up that particular bit of scripture. You have taken it out of it's context to make it fit what you are saying. Now, if you refer back to the context of that bit o scripture you would realise that when the pharisees were accusing Jesus of 'being from the devil' whiles casting out demons, his reply was in that verse you have just posted. Infact your post has ffurther strengethned m,y argument. How can you have christian groups, read their mission statements which are sound, see the impact they are having in bringing souls to Christ and even the lifestyles and the way they carry themselves yet call them 'of the devil'. As you rightly posted from that scripture 'if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand'.

Hmmm, what is sweet contradiction? Now, you have also cut and pasted a part o my post and taken it out of context. I am saying that his attack on christian ministries, particularly HHH ministries, which are having an impact on the lost and bringing them to Christ, is completely an utterly wrong and I would say that this is a calculated plan by the devil. He is seeing God's people take a strangle-hold on his dominion and he aint liking it. Tell what is 'garbage' in my post? Explain

Yes a house divided against itself cannot stand - but which house is he part of and which house are you? You see, again, you are providing points against yourself - why would God send a man from his house to attack people from that same house? Hmmmm, 'sweet contradiction'?>...

What r you talking about????!!!! I simply brought this up to spelll out that this guy has not even got his facts right! R u that ignorant that you havnt even read what I was trying to convey? And his comments on Egypt and why God brought them out - ridiculous. Read Exodus my friend and then compare it to what G Craige Lewis said. Again, what is not found in scripture DO NOT ADD! ( distractions???....))

I am not taking it personal! what??? Did I not state that in no way was I saying Satan wasn't evrything anti-Christ? Yes Satan's nature is ugly simply because of what he stands for - anti-christ. BUT...The reason he is NOT is what makes him so attractive to the world. He is a deceiver and and so appears to be desirable that is why people are tempted, be it pornography, alcohol, SECULAR music etc. He decieves people into thinking that is is desirable when its true nature is destructive an loathsome. That is the point i was trying to make, i know a came across a bit ambiguous.

I produce music, and have studied and composed for a few years. Not only have I knowledge of Hip Hop but also rnb, jazz, classical, gospel, film music etc. Now to produce Hip Hop I would create a beat a melody and a bass line. Guess what??! To produce gospel music iwould essentially do exactly the SAME!! The same applies to rnb. The only difference is the tempo, texture, and cadences as they are different genres. Next question i shall ask you..what genre has not got influences from THE WORLD?????!! All modern popular music INCLUDING GOSPEL is based on the 12 bar blues which is a chord structure that revolutionised ALL modern music and first introduced the improvisational elements that is so essential to the way music is played. Now the blues was created by secular artist who were steeped heavily in drugs, alcohol etc. I advise u to research this. Now if ALL music has secular influences why are we prohibited from hip hop and not any other genre??? Apparently when asked what music should substitute hip hop, Craig Lewis suggested jazz. Ever heard o Sammy Davis jr?? He was at the forefront of the development of jazz and a well known satanist-reserach this if you do not believe me. What about Reggae??? Oh yea this was the music of weed smokers and rastafarians. Even film music has dark origins. The whole concept of leitmotifs on which ALL film and television music is based, originated from the composer Wagner. Wagner was anti-semetic and believed in the establishment of a white aryan race and the racial cleansing of jews, blacks etc. People should throw away their michael jackson cds. Why??? He has Aliester Crowley on his front cover who is behind the development of all modern satanic thinking. The point i am trying to make is that there is no denying that secular hip hop artists should be avoided at all costs. They are of the world and thereore do not represent God. BUT..one cannot be hypocritical and not apply this same watchfulness with secular artists of OTHER genres. Jazz, blues, films, rnb, classical or ANYTHING that was composed by a secular artist should be destroyed and not just hip hop. It is not only black youth who have a problem here, its not as if the 30, 40, 50 somethins etc are not in the Devils plan2 so why is it that only they are being targeted. Do you see what i am saying?? I disagree with the attacking of christian artists and ministries full stop. So we should NOT condemn christian hip hop artists, or christian artists from any genre that are theoligically sound. Do you realise that not so long ago, the christians opposed the bass guitar and drums in church aswell??? Why dont we get rid of that? The attitude that is being illustrated by the church stinks.

From waht i have seen of the black church in particular is that tey are more concerned with you wearin a suit and sayin Amen everytime the preacher says a sentence than actualy reachin people. To me its much like the pharisees-based on religious rules and tradition.

The only rules i follow are those in the Bible as it is Jesus and not the sinful ways of men who i follow. I have been in church all my life and i am personally offended you question my faith. I might have been a little agressive at first and i apologise or that but i shall not be brought down to that level and i forgive you and hope we can hav a discussion and not let it turn into personal insults. We should discern what people say before proclaiming they are the anointed and accepting everything they say.
Posted: 07/26/05 09:31 AM
Author: thetruthbehindhiphop
Posts: 6


Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
Save it

I stand behind my final words christians do not attack christians -- nor do they try to reduce the impact of truth.

you said there is no denying the truth of what I have found in the lyrics of HIP HOP

Then you come out from LEFT FIELD with all kinds of nonsense unrelated to the lyrics and Truth of what these rappers are talking about TO minimize the impact of what I've posted.

That's what your post is really about.

So that makes you an enemy of truth.

if you want to fix this and support the truth of what was said - you should edit all of what you typed and just say - yes it is true these rappers have literally sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune.

But if you want to continue trying to confuse that truth then keep contradicting.

Posted: 07/26/05 10:26 AM
Author: 2KnockZ
Location: London
Posts: 5


Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
You truly are misguided AND IGNORANT. I have said to make this neutral, I have tried to agree to disagree but here you go again. Well listen, heres my 2 cents; those lyrics are not HIP-HOP they are SECULAR HIP-HOP. PERIOD. That's like getting lyrics to an R. Kelly song and using this 2 say R&B is bad. Hmmm, well i would say that Mary Mary and a whole lotta other CHRISTIAN r&b artists are strong in their beleifs in GOd. Equally speaking, if u take Sammy Davies as a prime example of Jazz, or even Dizzie Gillespie and say, because Sammy Davis was a high order Satanist, and Dizzie Gillespie was a strong smoker, that all JAZZ is bad. No my dear riend. Again I will revert to saying you are blind and misguided to the point where you cannot even read a post and see what is actually written. More importantly you have deliberately avoided the points I have made. WHy? Hmmmm, I'd like to see an actual reply sonny jim, and as for the devil creating any form of music - state one instance in the bible that says the devil can procreate? He did not come to 'create, kill and destroy' did he? You tell me what scripture says. In my opinion by saying Satan was the creator of any type of music is giving credit to him which he does not deserve. God gave him the git o music. God created music. The devil still has his git in music. The devil recreates, not procreates music. What are we to do when the devil steals something from the kingdom? Sit back and accept defeat? Or take back what is rightfully God's? I'd like to actually question you now, on your standing with God, what is it you actually beleive?

why do you avoid my questions and completely blank the points I make? I am directly coming to you with replies to yours and am gracious and respectful enough to acknowledge that you are entitled to your opinions. Yet you have not even read my posts, you have not replied to my points or questions, instead rather rudely you have castergated me, blanked what I have written and been completely dismissive. Save what?

What do you understand about your Bible? Or music? Or the history of black/ african culture? Why not rather post that then blindly repeat what is said on a video? When have you mentioned that you went home and tested the spirit behind the dvd to see whether or not what is said is profound truth? Truth? As far as I'm concerned the only absolute TRUTH is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour and his precious holy word. I hold nothing else on EARTH, take nothing from any man regardless of whether it is preached on the pulpit, as an absolute truth. I have faith, I apply my what I have learned from the Bible about knowing the fruits of the spirit to test whether something is o God. But to say what any man says, unless what he says is backed fully behind scripture, is from God and is sound TRUTH then that my friend is error.
Check yourself. Read what I have written. Reply to my statements in this post and my earlier posts. Then we can truly bgin to debate mutually. If I see you haven't replied to the points raised in my posts then I will take it as either a sign of ignorance or that you have read and understood and maybe agreed with what was said. I am not running anywhere...
peace in Jesus the Christ

keep it love
Posted: 07/27/05 12:14 PM
Author: jacen
Location: US
Posts: 2


Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?

First and foremost, I would like to give props to both of you for your efforts to enlighten and save from confusion, deciet, and lies that Satan seeks to control our society with. However, in this effort, you have in turn actually engaged in these actions without the aid of the Holy Spirit, and thus, must repent--change or turn-- from your ways lest they promote Satan's kingdom on earth rather than our Father's in heaven.

The Holy Spirit is a counselor brethren, and is with you always, but we must not be like the world and harden our hearts to His voice and aid. The Spirit of God tried to work several times in your postings, but neither of you fullly accepted His advice.
He would not confuse you from one another's message.

"3-for you are still carnal. For where there is envy,STRIFE,and DIVISIONS among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere MEN?"
"4-For when one says 'I am of Paul,' and another says 'I am of Apollos,' are you not carnal?"
"5-WHO THEN IS PAUL, and WHO IS APOLLOS, but ministers through whom you believed, as THE LORD GAVE EACH ONE?"
"6-[Paul] planted, Apollos watered, but GOD GAVE THE INCREASE."

Before you dare think to yourself..."that isn't what we were debating!",realize that it is! You each drew on your own wisdom to battle a point, which if yuo had stopped to work together, would have realized could have supported the other's. The Holy Spirit makes these connections and the enemy uses your flesh to bring division; that means you were right--a house divided against itself cannot stand!

furthermore, the entire fourteenth chapter of Romans tells us how to handle this dispute: DON'T

The first poster about hiphop was right to have done his research about G. Craig's message(which I have seen several times--on dvd and in person). But did you do any research outside of the websites that he suggested? Man is fallible, and though the message of truth is evident in His message, some of his wordly facts are misquoted/misinformed. Bambaataa is not the originator or main founder of hip-hop, and according to KRS-One's hiphop doctrine that G. Craig uses to prove his point that hiphop is a religion, Bambaataa's violent black spades that formed the zulu nation actually contradict hiphop's peaceful nature...so how is he the founder? Unless KRS-One is not qualified to be an authority on hiphop or what hiphop should stand for, and thus cannot make hiphop a religion; consequently, if he is not a reliable source for hiphop, then he should not be treated like one in Mr. Lewis's message. Kool Herc should have been in the message instead, because he started the parties we began to call 'hip-hop's,'or DJ. Hollywood who simultaneously coined the term hip hop in his motivating speeches on the mic at discos. They were doing hiphop while bambaattaa was still a warlord on the streets. Now self glorification is definitely a sin and part of Satan's plan to take focus off of God,and THAT is what hiphop is founded on--not the teachings of the zulu nation. Mr. Lewis was trying to build up premise in the listener's mind to convey his main point--hiphop is being used to denounce God and lead children astray! His message is imbalanced, but that may or may not be on pupose. The fact is that he is not wrong in hearing what the Lord has revealed to Him, but God is not a respecter of persons--he can and does give different levels of revelation to different people. Only a fool despises wisdom.

The same goes for the second poster--don't despise the wisdom of the first brother, and don't rely on man's wisdom. You know a lot, but this post was not the place to express all of this knowledge as an attack. I heard you appologize, but you gave in to the strife that Corinthians was talking about. Read that fourteenth chapter of Romans and realize that some people need to give up Holy Hiphop because it does make them fall back into sin--regardless of the good work it does for some. SOME so-called christian rappers are in it for the money and ARE teaching false docterine which many will be led astray under. 2 Peter 2:18-22 describes that explicitly. Not all of them, and maybe not the gospel gangstaz, but then again--MAYBE especially the gospel gangstaz. Just like G. Craig, their motives may be righteous, but the message that people pick up on is offensive to many. Hiphop is not the ONLY way to reach the lost, or even other gangsters, but to defend it as if it is brings judgement on some 'holy hiphoppers'' part. Maybe both HOly hiphop and G. Craig Lewis should be more sensitive to the union and edification of the entire body, not just their intended audience.

Overall, I respected what both of you had to say, but the intolerance of one and the agressiveness of the other leads back to pride on both. I pray that I have not done the same thing, but if I have, let me know...IN LOVE! Just don't reject everything I said because of the dominance of my carnal nature. I am a new creature in Christ, but we all fall short. Let us squash the disagreement and pray that God gives us all revelation. TRY THE SPIRIT BY THE SPIRIT! That is true worship, in spirit and in truth.

--Be Blessed and HIGHLY FAVORED!!--
Posted: 08/06/05 01:50 PM
Author: rudeboy55
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Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
Hey 2KnocKZ, I really agree with you. The dude that made this DVD has a whole bunch of misquotes and infomation that has no basis what so ever. I must say I do believe in alot of he was saying on the DVD's, but I did find it hard to take him serious because he was just wrong on alot of stuff. About who started hip-hop and what alot of these artist stand for. I think he really put all hip-hoppers in a box and is condeming all the artist for action of a chosen few. Hip-Hop is a outlet and a lifestyle, which people use to tell their story. Rap is nothing but poetry over beats. Poetry is an art of expression. Rap was founded on the basis of inner city youth try to express themsevles about what was going on in our enviroment. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY (Flatbush)and for me I felt that hip hop let me know that there is more to the world than all of the Hellish things I saw grwoing up. It was an escape, It let me know that street life was not the best thing and that there are other ways to making money and living in a nice house and having the finer things in life. Now I have a whole lot more research to do( and I will Do it!!!)But i feel that I need to find the truth about this DVD. This is not an attempt to discredit the man on the dvd, but to find out the truth about the things he was saying, and the truth of hiphop and its influences
Posted: 08/09/05 08:22 PM
Author: ContriteHeart
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Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
I'd just like to say that most of the posts hear come from, seemingly very knowledgable people. So it would do me no good to quote scriptures and try to out debate anyone, because as we know the object of a debate is to "prove" your own point, never to "understand" the other position. So in reading the interesting points made, and having viewed the videos numerous times, the only thing that I suggest is that anyone who views the video acknowledge the truth that is given. Yes there are debatable things that he says in the video, from the origin of rap, to things that may have to do with his personal feelings. But the one thing that we can not do is allow those things to cloud our perception and cause us to miss the truth that was given.

The only person that was ever able to deliver a message that was not tainted by flesh was Jesus Christ himself. So to understand that a message from God is being delivered through the mouth of someone who still has to toil with his own flesh daily is to understand that there are times when his flesh may get in the way, or may show it's imperfections by giving information that may be debatable. But please lets not make those the aspects that we focus on. I never really post messages on these forums I normally just read, but after searching on the internet for this subject and reading the forums I was so dissapointed to come accross my chistian brothers and sisters focusing on the points with which they disagree. I expected people who were not looking for Christ to attack many of the things that were presented, but I was sad that just about all of the christian posts that I have read have focused on the same points rather than focusing on the truths that were presented in the video, because no Christian can deny that there was serious revalation and a word from God given to those that would look to recieve it.

So how is that the only topics that are being discussed at length are those of the origin of hip hop, and whether or not he should have made an insensative remark. This should be a red flag right here that we have not discussed any of the points that make this dvd relavent, only the points at which we disagree.

Please lets not allow the truth that was given to clouded by more flesh than that of the person delivering it. It is already hard enough for those who are in darkness to see, lets not make the way even more difficult by blocking the truth with our own point of view. Please lets discuss the points and truths that we can agree on. I have personal views on things that I felt may have been incorrect and things that I may not have said but that is not what needs to be talked about, but I appreciate anyone calling for holiness, I appreciate anyone calling for spiritual descernment, for that is what I feel is the main message. We should all strive for holiness and we should all seek to see the spirit behind anything that we allow in to our lives. And the spirit that is behind many of the things that christians have been allowing into their lives is "unclean" and we just need to focus more on living totally free and seperate from sin. Totally agree or totally disagree with Eld. Lewis's style of presentation and or all of the facts that he stated, none of them actually had any bearing or the validity of his overall message, and that is spiritual purity.

I have been so tempted to start getting into my own personal points and opinions on specific point the whole time I have been typing and have had to delete many lines because of it, so I can completely understand why many would argue or debate, plus that is generally what these forums are for. But as for Christians that believe that God is coming back for a church "with out spot or wrinkle" lets sit this debate out amongst each other and promote the indisputable, immutable truths that were presented, in the video so that we can compell others to present themselves a living sacrifice to God Holy and acceptable.
Posted: 08/24/05 10:48 AM
Author: jacen
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Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
May the Lord add a blessing to the obedience of His Spirit Contrite. Amen.
Posted: 10/06/05 07:48 PM
Author: RUKidding?
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Did Rappers Sell Their Soul To The Devil?
Are you kidding me? You really need to see the whole picture. If rappers want to make their music and sing about violence, sex,use lude lyrics, make those OUTSTANDING videos (that every child should see-NOT) and sell their souls to the devil, that's their business. But they need to leave God - Jesus Christ out of it. Because God is about love, respect, joy and truth. YOU CAN MIX THE TWO. -- IT'S LIKED MIXING OIL WITH WATER!!!!

I am an African-American Educator, and I see our childen (from all different culturals, economic background and lifestyles) being wrongly influenced by the message in the music.

Rap music talks about killing, robbing, etc... Our children are listening and being influence.

Rappers are being gunned down by other rappers because of THEIR OWN MESSAGE IN THEIR MUSIC! And it's not a secular music problem -- it's a rap music problem.

You never hear about the O'Jays trying to gun down the Temptations have you?

You never hear about Fred Hammond trying to gun down Isreal have you?


You need to wake up.

And by the way -- Africans can conger up spells and etc... Study your African History.

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